Special Projects

LWP: Linked Women Pedagogues Project — in development
Florida State University, 2016–present — in collaboration with Richard J. Urban, and Stephen J. McElroy between 2015–2018; in collaboration with Marcelina Nagales since 2020

The Demos Project for Studies in the Data Humanities
Florida State University, 2017–2021 — in collaboration with Allen Romano, Sarah Stanley, and Judith Pascoe

contribution of 3 suffragist sketches to the Online Biographical Dictionary of the Woman Suffrage Movement in the United Statescompleted
SUNY Binghamton and Alexander Street, 2018–2021 — edited by Tom Dublin and Kathryn Sklar

Re-Examining Intersectionality in our 30th Year: Remediation of the 2019 CFSHRC Action Hourcompleted
CFSHRC, 2019 — in collaboration with Jen England, Heather Adams, Jenny Ungbha Korn, Lana Oweidat, and Sarah Singer

From Installation to Remediation: The CWSHRC Digital New Work Showcasecompleted
CFSHRC, 2015 — in collaboration with Jenn Fishman, Trish Fancher, Heather B. Adams, Erin M. Andersen, Geghard Arakelian, Heather Branstetter, Lavinia Hirsu, Nicole Khoury, Katie Livingston, LaToya Sawyer, Erin Wecker, and Patty Wilde

MDMP: MetaData Mapping Project — archived
Florida State University, 2012–2015 — in collaboration with Alli Crandell during 2013–2014 and Richard Urban in 2015

rhetoric.io — defunct
2013–2015 — in collaboration with Cheryl Ball, Collin Brooke, Doug Eyman, Derek Mueller, Michael Neal, Michelle Sidler, and Karl Stolley

Multivalence: Archive and Discussion Site for Multimodal Arts in FYC Classrooms and Mentoring Programs — archived
2007, 2012 — in collaboration with Colin Charlton and Jonikka Charlton

Beyond Recovery: Feminist Treatise Locations Project — completed
Indiana University, 2011 Institute for Digital Arts and Humanities

The Assemblage Project: An Archive of Writing Program Administrator Identities — offline
2011 — in collaboration with Colin Charlton, Jonikka Charlton, Kate Ryan, and Amy Ferdinandt Stolley

rhetoric and composition e-Texts — defunct
Purdue University, 2004 — in collaboration with Colin Charlton, Jonikka Charlton, and Alexis Ramsey